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Top 10 Tips For Using Classified Advertising To Make Money

Classified advertising is one of the easiest ways to make money online. The reason is really simple: it is a form of advertising and communication that even those least savvy to the internet understand.

To get the most from your classified advertising, there are certain things you need to do:

1. Study good ads.

Read newspapers, magazines, online classified advertising sites, and anything else that allows you to study classified ads. This will show you what is working and what is not in advertising.

2. Follow the AIDA Formula for writing your ad.

A - Attention
I - Interest
D - Desire
A - Action

3. Write headlines that get visitors to read your ads.

When writing your ad, the headline will be the first thing people see. Write one that gets attention and makes readers want to read it.

4. Use a call to action.

A call to action is where you tell your readers what to do. This can be just about anything: send for more information, join a list, or visit your site.

5. Format your ad properly.

Every ad site will have specific guidelines on how to create your ad. Make sure you read these guidelines. Then you improve the chances of your ad converting. Also, make sure you use good design techniques.

6. Test and track your ads.

It's a waste of time to write and submit ads if you don't know how they are performing. Use a tracking script or create a way to test your ads to see how they perform.

7. Use strategies that help you get your work done faster.

Some systems will allow you to renew your ads without reposting them. This will save you time because it only takes a few seconds to do it. 8. Syndicate your ads.

When you syndicate your ads, you are allowing your ads to be displayed on multiple sites automatically. You don't have to do anything to make this happen. Besides, who do you think makes more money: someone who syndicates and gets his/her ads in front of more people or someone who doesn't?

9. Advertise both online and offline.

Classified advertising is often cheap and even free. If you're on a tight budget, advertise online until you get income coming in. Then try advertising offline. You'll have a greater chance of reaching everyone in your market.

10. Develop a system for writing and posting your ads.

This includes:

*deciding how many ads you will write each day
*where you will submit your ads
*what tools you will use to post your ads
*ad tracking tools

Classified advertising is still an effective way to make money for your business. Apply these 10 principles to help you get better results.



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