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Clear Your Clutter To Free Your Mind

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Do you often find yourself not answering the door or hiding when a person drops by at your house unannounced because you are ashamed by all of the mess? Do you feel embarrassed to invite someone over your home because of the clutter that has accumulated and piled up so much? If you are like anyone I know, when you start to look all around at all the mess and clutter in your house, you feel exhausted and cannot find the needed energy to clean and clear it away. It just keeps on collecting dust and each time you stare at it, it makes you all the more tired and listless and you do not even know how or where to start.

Well, believe it or not, but the most powerful and effective change you could bring about in your life is to eradicate and get rid of all the clutter surrounding you. Most individuals have really no idea how much their clutter truly affects them. It’s only when you begin to clean it out of your system, you would then realize how much better you can feel without the burdened eyesore brought about by the mess. The thing is that energy is everywhere around us, every thing is energy, even all your material possessions and acquisitions, though they are just seemingly inanimate objects, all have energy.

All our things and possessions are believed to hold our connections and memories in our life. In other words, if you have material things that you no longer use, need or want, they are tying and holding on to our energy, thereby creating and emitting inactivity in the energy of your atmosphere and surroundings. When disorder abounds all around you, it is becoming more and more impossible to think clearly about what you are doing in your life. However, you could think more with a clear mind and making important decisions become easier when you clear all the clutter away.

Most individuals who have disorder in them always feel tired. They say that they have no energy at all to start to clear it. Yet in fact, it is the stagnant energy that piles up and accumulate around the mess that actually causes lethargy. Finally clearing it frees and releases the energy at your house and gives off new and abundant mental and physical liveliness and aura in your body. If your thinking has a tendency to dwell in the past, you may get caught up in the ongoing problems and difficulties in your life. Having your space full of unnecessary clutter leaves no room for anything or something new to welcome into your life.
Clearing and getting rid of the clutter let you deal with those problems and move onwards. You have to let go of the past to make a new and better future. People treat you the same way you also treat yourself. And if you value and look after yourself, you would also be treated well by other people. At the same time, being surrounded by clutter could also affect the way other individuals treat you. And if you let clutter to stack up all around you, you might attract people whom you will be better off without.

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Aiming is a process in planning which takes time and should be done before you could fire your way into into a successful career, organization, relationships, and life in general. I have seen a similar thing in some people’s professional and personal lives most of the time. Several individuals get themselves ready and equipped with power thinking, influential friends, and advanced education, but they usually fire before they even aim. I can still recall an experience of a neighbor of mine which he fondly told me about. When he was just in his teenage years, he and his dad always loved to go on a hunting spree.

They will hunt whatever animal that happened to be in season at that time and anything else that moves. Especially if there were snakes, but that’s another story. On one of their hunting trips, he and his father were about 30 yards from each other just patiently waiting for a certain kind of bird to fly over. My neighbor’s mind was so concentrated and focused, and his gun was now loaded. He was so ready and he promised himself he is going to “outshoot” his father on this particular hunting session. Well, he was already for any encounter and in his “ready” position when he pulled the gun’s trigger by accident.

Bang! As his shotgun let off a loud shoot, he then realized that his shotgun was aiming just within a few feet away from where his father was situated. In his excitement, he obviously fired before he aimed the gun and he almost killed his dad in the process. Now you may ask, “I already know how to fire, and how to get ready but how do I really take aim and then fire?” Or, “Is this just another one of those ‘how to set your goals’ exercises?” no, but in fact this is an exercise in planning your life.

So I made a list of some of the questions given below which could bring out the creative and imaginative part of your brain and in the process, help you build and establish your aim so that you would be able to attain the kind of career, organization, relationships and life that you always aspired for. Planning your life with exact AIM: 1. Do you have anybody or a person in your life to hold you responsible or accountable so you do not fire before you have taken aim or before you’re ready? 2. What standards of excellence, specific review or constant growth of progress do you really need? 3.

A good system is much better than a good friend when it comes to planning your life. So, what’s on your to-do list of activities today which would help you be more like your picture tomorrow? 4. And, where do you want your career, organization, relationships and life to be in the next five years, next decade, or the next 20 years? One way to answer this effectively is to draw a picture. This picture would give you a sense of purpose, energy, and the drive. It will also make you visualize what youre truly aiming at.