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Why Should I Go In To Business

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Business Motivation And Tips

Rohit Kochgaway was very upset with his boss for his rebuking him today in office. He was very upset with his job. When he reached home in evening his wife got the penalty for asking to go out in form of bad mood. After one Hour at home, he exploded the bomb...

He is quitting the cozy job and wants to go on his own.

Is that the right reason to start a long whirl winding journey of business? Rohit was upset with the present job. Does it make him knowledgeable enough to go alone. Is not it running from present only?

If you want to be in your own business because you are ‘sick and tired of being told what to do’, because you want more ‘freedom’, or because you are unappreciated or undervalued, forget it. These are not reasons for starting a business; these are reasons for running away from your present job. If you want to ‘make a lot of money’, that’s probably not a great reasons either. It is a fine and

Worthwhile goal, but if it is your prime motivation it is not going to be enough to get through the lean years.

Before starting our company I was a software engineer by profession and I loved to program and design the software packages. But I certainly do not wanted to live like a programmer battling out there with the machine codes and following someone else order even to why I should design the very codes of my works.I also see a big opportunity coming on my way in my industry. I jumped out and exclaimed “ That’s enough, I want to enjoy myself working for myself and enjoy it too. And also wanted to give it a try.”

Enjoy. I couldn’t afford not to give this new venture a try.

This, I believe , is at least part of the motivation of most people who successfully start

A new business: a feeling that if they never tried they would always regret it .It is what gives you the

Momentum to get out the front door, to cut the corporate umbilical cord, and what makes it possible

To keep going! even when everything else makes you feel like turning back. Starting a business is a

Financial and professional commitment. But even more, it is an emotional one.

I have a friend who, five years ago, started what has become a very successful apparel manufacturing

Firm. He told me recently that if he had known then what the first two years were going to be like, he would have never gone through it.

We never had it that rough, but I could relate to what he was saying. There are so many moments in

Starting a new business when the negatives outweigh the positives that any feelings of satisfaction

Are very small compensation. There are times when it is the emotional alone that keeps you going.

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Network With Ease

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Easy To Implimentation...
Networking is very important in our daily lives. Often the best jobs and opportunities are not advertised but filled by word of mouth. With this in mind, a good idea is to go and find them yourself. How is this done, do I hear you ask? By the simple process of networking....
A number of people feel networking is waste of time and it has no effect on personal relationships or being successful in your business. This concept is completely incorrect. Relationships and business have been built via the networking process for hundreds of years!
Networking is not about meeting hundreds of people, interacting with them with them and then never meeting them again. It’s but about getting to know each other and finding out if you are able to make the relationship mutually beneficial for both of you. If you aren’t able to – then see if you can introduce them to someone more compatible to their business. 
A simple example of how easy networking can be is the example of a woman who used to love writing articles. One day she decided to donate one of her articles to the local newspaper so it could be published and people around the world could have the chance to read it.
The article focused on an event, which was coming up and was hosted by a woman’s publishing group. The group not only liked the article, they appreciated what she had done, so they recommended her to a national magazine. So now, not only does she get to write regular articles, she also gets paid for it. This example shows how networking can be done easily, if well thought out. Touching base with a few people can in fact lead to reaching many. 
By referring your friends or relatives whom you think are well suited for a job is another way to network. I heard a story of someone recommending a friend for a teaching position with a nonprofit organization. Interestingly enough after getting the position, he returned the favor by referring his friend into a job he had heard about. Funny how things work out! 
Family and friends are the easiest and best way to increase your network among colleagues and friends. There are many industries that work on filling positions this way and some even pay commission. 
When looking for a new job, it may be worth joining a networking group focusing on the sector of business you are interested in. It’s a great way to meet people, do research into companies by asking questions of those people who work there. Often the opportunity may just be within that particular networking group. 
The examples above show that in order to network effectively and in an efficient manner, you do not need to be outgoing or know a lot of people. All it requires is being creative, listen well, ask relevant questions and develop a good reputation with others. You would be amazed at how many doors will open for you.

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Summer Saving Tips

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Less Or More Not The Fact, It All On You!!!

Summer time is one of the happiest seasons of the year. This is the perfect time to get a week of vacation from work, go to the beach and enjoy time with friends and family. As summer could mean happy times, it could also mean more expenses as you spend for family getaways and as electric bills go up due to more people staying in the house and using electric appliances. To help you save money during summer time, here are some helpful tips:>

1. Turn off unnecessary household appliances...

Be cautious on what appliances kids use. Turn of unnecessary appliances that might just add up to your bill. Turning off the air conditioning during a cold night is a one of the helpful things to practice. 

2. Let the kids try a summer business...

Instead of allowing your kids to just spend more of their money during summer, you can even teach them how to be thrifty and run a summer business. They can try setting up a Lemonade stand or have a garage sale of their old clothes and toys. This way, the kids learn to value money and spend little or just enough for their needs. 

3. Save on groceries....

Grocery shopping, combined with the money we spend "eating out," makes up a huge portion of our monthly expenses. In order to save more money during summer, you must learn how to save money on your groceries. Choosing less expensive drinks, avoiding single-serving snacks and being realistic about the amount of food you need are some helpful ways to save you some bucks on your groceries. 

4. Avoid credit cards....

Using your credit card means borrowing money from the bank that issued the card. And since credit cards often have high spending limits, it encourages cardholders to spend more and more money based on their credit limit. This therefore leads to uncontrollable spending. It is more helpful then to use a prepaid debit card or a prepaid money card when making purchases as these types of cards have credit limits based on the amount of money that the cardholder has from their own bank account. This helps the cardholder think twice before spending as he knows the money will be deducted from his own savings account. 

Saving money during the summer season does not mean though that you have to spoil your happy times with your family. With careful planning, budgeting and following these simple tips from reassessing your groceries to choosing prepaid debit cards over credit cards will surely help you save more money that you can use for your family�s future needs.

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Succed, Build Your Business Through Membership Sites

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Build Your Business through Membership Sites

 At present there are many online membership sites where people are joining in large numbers. Most of the membership sites offer trial registrations. There are also some membership sites that offer registration for money....

When you are joining in an online membership site for the first time, it is better to choose an online site that offers trial registration. As there are many membership sites at present, it is hard to choose the best online site among them. Most of these registration sites offer trial membership for a week to a month. 

There are many important things to look forward to when you start a membership site. This is one of the best ways to generate income online at this point and time. These membership sites must have premium content for the readers. The membership site must offer different options like downloads, so that the membership value increases.

You can also charge your members daily, weekly or even yearly. At present there are many tools that are available in the market; these tools will offer your membership sites additional features and more power to attract members. 

There should be a fixed price for subscriptions and you can also provide discounts. Before adding members in your membership website, it is better to know how to control them.

You should always have the power to remove a member at any time. There should also be updates and frequent messages for all the members of the site. In the membership sites there should also be different levels for the members.

The membership site must be protected, so that the download can only be done by members of the online site. 

It is always better to create membership sites that support all languages; this may attract many members also. When you are thinking on how to have residual income? The online membership sites are the best answer for it.

As said earlier membership sites can earn you money not only for a particular period of time, but can also generate money all through the year. Internet marketing has changed the face of small business. 

There are also many internet marketing classes and coaching programs that offers ideas and tips on how to improve your small business through internet marketing. This will allow the client to interact with top level professionals that gives the confidence and desire to make businesses stronger and better.

When you do online marketing! the first few days would be hard. This will not be everlasting and you will soon be able to earn money online without any problem, as said earlier it is better to get in touch with an expert before starting an online business.

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No One Will Reject Me If l'm Perfect

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         Do you believe that being "perfect" gives you control over how people feel about you...

If you do, then you are coming from 3 big false beliefs that are causing you much unhappiness. 


"I can have control over how people feel about me." 

Think for a moment whether or not others have control over how you feel about them. Can someone do everything "right" and be "perfect" in their own eyes, yet you don't enjoy being around them or you don't feel connected with them? 

Of course!!!!

Others may influence how you feel about them, but they have no control over how you feel about them. If you are a basically accepting person, then you might like them even if they get angry or withdrawn. If you are generally a judgmental person, then there may be little they can do for you to like them. 

Now turn this around regarding how others feel about you. Since you have no control over whether or not another person is accepting or judgmental, it stands to reason that you also have no control over how they feel about you, regardless of how perfectly loving, open, caring, giving, understanding, handsome, beautiful, or rich you are. 


"There is a standard of perfectionism and I can reach it." 

I grew up believing that there was a "right" and "perfect" way to be. Then I learned that what I thought was right and perfect was not necessarily what others thought was right and perfect. In fact, it seemed that each person had a completely different understanding of what it means to be perfect! 

This was quite distressing to me, as it took away my illusion of control over how people felt about me. At that time many years ago, I was terrified of rejection, so it gave me great comfort to believe that if only I was perfect enough, then I would never be rejected. Without a standard of perfection, what would be my guiding light to feel safe? 


"I am basically flawed and need to strive to cover up my flaws and appear to be better than I am." 

As long as I believed that I was basically flawed in some way, I was afraid of rejection. When I learned how to connect with my spiritual Guidance and see myself through the eyes of truth rather than through the eyes of my parents and others, I was able to see that my soul essence - my core Self - is already perfect, a perfect individualized expression of the Divine. 

What was flawed were my beliefs that were programmed into me and needed to be healed. 


Imagine how life would be for you if you knew that you were already perfectly wonderful and incredible just the way you are in your true Self? What if you could separate out the flawed, wounded, programmed part of you - the part you created to help you survive pain - from the magnificent part of you that God created. What if you could see that your ego wounded self - with all your fears and protections and ways of trying to have control over getting love and avoiding pain - is NOT who you are. 

Then, instead of perfectionism being your guiding light, being fully and passionately yourself becomes your guiding light! 

I assure you, this is a MUCH easier way to live!

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How To Choose The Best Courier

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Courier Delivery has been the pulse of communication since time immemorial. Even though the internet has taken up the bulk of mail communication process, courier still plays an active role when it comes to delivering tangible goods around the world with reliability and express speed that only courier companies can provide. 

The process of courier is quite complicated and requires several components within the company to perform flawlessly and reliably. Right from the point of pick-up till the delivery, an item passes through several processes that are known only to those inside the business and which hardly matter to the end users. All that matters is the end delivery and peace of mind. 

What to Look For In a Courier Service Provider? 

Once you decide to use a courier service you have to ensure that you know what options are available and what not. First and the most obvious is the presence of the courier company at the other end. Mostly, smaller companies have collaborations with larger ones to deliver items. However this is not always reliable. A company with a dedicated team of professionals handling the entire process independently is a much better one. 

Second comes the pricing. Tariffs vary across companies, make sure that as a customer you look for all available alternatives that provide the speed and reliability at a cheap price. Never choose a costlier one when you can have the same from a more economical courier delivery company. 

Then comes the ease of pick up and drop. Most courier companies have local presence in the form of depots and pick up points; the best among them also provide pick up right from your doorstep if you choose. At the other end, the recipient should not be inconvenienced for the sake of delivery. He or she needs to be intimated well ahead about the time of delivery so that he or she can make the necessary arrangements to be present at the time of time of delivery. This commitment and care can be expected only from the best. 

What Are The Tariffs? 

As already mentioned, this aspect is variable and you as a customer should do your research to know about the cheapest available. Talk to your friends and neighbours if you are completely new to this. Most companies will be happy to revert to your queries regarding price options. You could also visit their websites and get a good idea about the several schemes on offer. Requesting a quote can be very helpful in getting the clear picture of the process. 

Finally, if you are availing any of the internet related service, whether it be payment or delivery make sure that the company is accredited and authentic.

ourier Delivery has been the pulse of communication since time immemorial. Even though the internet has taken up the bulk of mail communication process, courier still plays an active role when it comes to delivering tangible goods around the world with reliability and express speed that only courier companies can provide. 

The process of courier is quite complicated and requires several components within the company to perform flawlessly and reliably. Right from the point of pick-up till the delivery, an item passes through several processes that are known only to those inside the business and which hardly matter to the end users. All that matters is the end delivery and peace of mind. 

What to Look For In a Courier Service Provider? 

Once you decide to use a courier service you have to ensure that you know what options are available and what not. First and the most obvious is the presence of the courier company at the other end. Mostly, smaller companies have collaborations with larger ones to deliver items. However this is not always reliable. A company with a dedicated team of professionals handling the entire process independently is a much better one. 

Second comes the pricing. Tariffs vary across companies, make sure that as a customer you look for all available alternatives that provide the speed and reliability at a cheap price. Never choose a costlier one when you can have the same from a more economical courier delivery company. 

Then comes the ease of pick up and drop. Most courier companies have local presence in the form of depots and pick up points; the best among them also provide pick up right from your doorstep if you choose. At the other end, the recipient should not be inconvenienced for the sake of delivery. He or she needs to be intimated well ahead about the time of delivery so that he or she can make the necessary arrangements to be present at the time of time of delivery. This commitment and care can be expected only from the best. 

What Are The Tariffs? 

As already mentioned, this aspect is variable and you as a customer should do your research to know about the cheapest available. Talk to your friends and neighbours if you are completely new to this. Most companies will be happy to revert to your queries regarding price options....

You could also visit their websites and get a good idea about the several schemes on offer. Requesting a quote can be very helpful in getting the clear picture of the process...

Finally if you are availing any of the internet related service, whether it be payment or delivery make sure that the company is accredited and authentic.


Web video production has become increasingly popular as embedding technologies and broadband internet speed gets ever better. Where your business or site warrants it, using an online web presenter can help get your message across � in tutorials and product guides, for example. And where a virtual tour is required, the web video really comes into its own.

The bottom line is, the Internet is now ready and able to support genuine multimedia 
presences for your company and your company website. In an age of file sharing and self broadcast, your customers and site users expect to see you making the best use of the technology at your disposal. Web video production allows you to make use of video files where they are the most appropriate way to get your message across....

In line with all website optimisation protocols, you should use a web video where a video file or moving image is genuinely the optimum way to deliver your information. Ask yourself the following question, of every part of your website: could it be understood better using another method? If the answer to that question is �no�, then a web video production can simplify your site and make its user experience much better.

Video works excellently for site guides, product descriptions and demonstrations of the services you provide. In many cases it is much easier to show a potential customer or service user something you do, in action, rather than trying to explain it with words and still images. Also, your web video satisfies the strongest of all customer urges � which is to see something they are about to buy, �in the flesh�.

The web video production on your site is ideal for making your site feel more interactive and as long as you have the rest of the page properly optimised the inclusion of a video file won�t confuse search engines. Unlike Flash menus, which look funky and do all kinds of flashy things when you scroll over them, but which prevent search engines from seeing the navigational structure of your site correctly, an embedded file can be optimised properly, even to the extent of directory submission.

The ultimate strength of the web video is in its ability to demonstrate the use and enjoyment of a product. One of the major objections to web shopping has always been the lack of knowledge about what exactly you are going to get. A photograph of an item you have never seen before never does it the same justice as a video showing you what it is and how it works.

Your web video production can bring your site to life, bring your products to life, and get your information across more clearly. Used properly, it makes your site user�s experience better.

The More you try, the most u get................

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Knowing Who You Are

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Knowing Who You Are
The Movie "Eat Pray Love" is based upon an individual's search to find herself. A growing number of people spend much of their time wondering who they really are and what their real life purpose is meant to be. 

We in general live a life of luxury. There is little real hardship in the way that we live in the Western world today. We have more money, more creature comforts and a greater ability to pursue myriad activities both near to home and far away. When you are being deprived of basic necessities in life your focus inevitably remains glued to the task of survival; one doesn't have time to luxuriate in ponderings about who you are or what your life's purpose is. Your purpose is simply focused upon staying alive...

And so the more comfort you have in your life the more time you inevitably have with which to focus your attention upon things of a more philosophical nature. Ironically the more we have the more dissatisfied we appear to become as we simply move our focus on to different things. When, I wonder, will we as a community finally appreciate what we have got and allow ourselves to enjoy a feeling of balance and satisfaction in our lives!

Julia Roberts, in this movie, sets out on a course to find herself which takes her to Rome, India and Bali over the course of a year. In Rome she learns to enjoy food for its taste and not worry about calories or weight gain. She also learns to make platonic friends and to live alone instead of constantly being in one relationship or another. She's not totally at one with this new experience, but she's apparently learning from it. 

In India she learns to meditate and to further relax her thoughts, to a certain degree. She feels a little more centered but still knows that her journey is not complete. On she moves to Bali. Here she has to face a challenge; can she enter a close relationship without losing herself once more? 

I'm sure that many people could empathize with several of the emotional tussles which were being expressed in this movie. Many people wonder who they are or what they should be doing. Many more wonder where their soul mate is and how they are ever going to find them. Some people shy away from relationships because they feel they will lose themselves if they were to commit; others throw themselves into one relationship after another and find themselves molding their habits and behaviors to whoever they are with. 

All of these scenarios reflect a certain amount of emotional conflict, instability or insecurity. The quest to find oneself frequently takes people away from home, in search of peace and quiet and tranquility. The fact remains that you find this peace only when your mind becomes peaceful; this does not necessarily mean you have to go away so as to find peace. 

Having said this, sometimes one finds it easier to totally change their environment so as to break old habits. The thing to remember though is that you generally have to go home at some point and still have to take the peace which you have found back home with you too. Otherwise you have not achieved any long term resolution to emotional turmoil or insecurities. 

And when it comes to relationships, if you have really found your peace, and found yourself, you will not fear losing yourself. You will feel confident and secure in being one of two whole people who share a relationship as opposed to being one small fraction of a whole. Fears are only ever borne from your own chosen (although often unconsciously so) perception of a situation. 

An alternative approach to finding yourself is to take time examining your thought processes and expectations in life and then focus upon ways in which you could think more powerfully and productively. To feel balanced and satisfied in life you have to learn to feel happy with yourself as you are.

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How To Come Up A Good Domain Name For Your Online

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How To Create a Good Domain Name for Your Online Busines
There are times when we have no trouble finding a suitable domain name, but then there are those times when it just makes you crazy. If you want your online business to stand out from the rest, then you should waste absolutely no time in choosing a worthy domain name for your website. Some registrars are more organized than others, and the ones who are not can be quite difficult. You really have to pay attention to what you are doing when dealing with all the things they throw at you. Here in this article we will review the critical items necessary to ensure your next domain name is exactly what you want and need. 

There is nothing sweeter than stumbling upon a domain that is short and available. A long time ago everyone and their brother were snapping up all the great - short, domain names. It is pretty much impossible to find a very short domain that is worth something, but if you have the money you can sometimes find the one you want. Generally speaking, people like to stay away from the longer names, but you can sometimes find a good short one in a .org or .net extension. So spend some time on this because your domain name is going to be central to your online business....

You never know, after you develop the site you may opt for putting it up for sale, so a better name will command a higher resale value. 

You will still have the best experience with dot com extensions, but the org and net choices have been accepted and are no problem to use.

These are the popular domain name extensions that are recognized by people and are also liked by the search engines. There are many other domain extensions available in the market, but they don't hold much value in the long run, even if you intend to sell your domain name in the future, you won't get a good price if your domain extension is not popular. 

Most domains, if not all, that have numbers in them tend to not do well. Some people type domains into their browsers, and things like hyphens are really awkward to type. You know how it is when you want to type a domain and it is just a pain to do. It's a risk that's not worth taking, especially when each of your visitor is valuable to your website's success. There really is no need to anguish over finding a good domain name. The more you engage in domain name research, in time you will automatically know how to find a few good ones for yourself.

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Where To Find Affordable Popcorn Makers

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Popcorn is a wholesome snack. That is when you do not put too much salt or fatten it up with greasy butter. This is why, it is a incredibly good notion to invest on your own popcorn popper, when you adore this snack and you see oneself buying it continuously, then you'd be much better off making your own at home.

This would guarantee that you would use the healthier oil and you do not load it up with too much flavoring. Fortunately, popcorn makers are fairly inexpensive specifically if you know the proper places to look. Here are some tips on where to look for inexpensive popcorn machines. 

Discount Stores 

One of the first places where you�d look for affordable popcorn makers would be in discount stores. As the name suggests, these are stores that sell products at much lower rates. They either sell brand-less items or phased out models. When looking for discount stores in your vicinity, check for quality and reputation. Ask about what shops have credible reputation and are popular for selling high quality merchandise. You need to save funds but you don�t want to wind up with a poor quality popcorn machine. You need to strike the balance between quality and price. 

Garage Sales 

Yet another excellent spot to search is at garage sales. You will find often plenty of garage sales held within your neighborhood or nearby residential places. That�s because folks keep on moving to new houses. You will often discover popcorn machines getting sold by household owners because these are too bulky to pack. You are able to have a chance to look upon a brand new and good quality popcorn machine in a garage sale if you are savvy enough. Make sure you examine the device cautiously as you do not would like to bring home something that does not function anymore, do not forget to haggle with the cost at the same time. Some household owners would just like to get rid of their items without having too much concern concerning the cost. 

On the net Retailers 

A lot of people would need to agree that this is the greatest option among the 3. On-line, you will get affordable rates along with the perks of convenience and quick shopping time. That�s mainly because you'll be able to browse through hundreds or even thousands of possibilities with just a number of minutes or hours in front of the pc. The reason on-line retailers lower their cost is as a result of the stiff competition plus the truth that they have lesser overhead expenses to pay for. Bare in mind though that you can find some dangers in on the net shopping that you will have to be cautious about. For one, look for a reputable online shop that sells only the highest quality products. Then inquire about its security method.

Purchase only from a store that's equipped with a secure transaction program so you do not bother about putting your credit card information in jeopardy. Spend ample time shopping around. Do not buy from the very first store which you see as you will discover plenty of possibilities on the net. Compare rates thoroughly and study the terms and conditions before having a purchase.

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How To Save RM500 On Gap Auto Insurance

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The average price for gap auto insurance sold by an auto dealership or finance company is RM578. 

Q. So why would anybody in their right mind pay RM500 more they should? 

A. They don�t know any better. 

Imagine you�re in a car dealership and you�ve just purchased a brand new car. You�re sitting there with a self satisfied smile on your face that lets everybody in the showroom know you just brought the salesman to his knees with your finely honed negotiating skills. 

Next you go see the finance person to arrange a loan. This is where you�re casually informed that if you wreck your beautiful new car during the next year or two you�re going to have fork over maybe five grand because the car will be worth that much less than what you still owe the bank. 

Lucky for you the finance guy has a tailored made solution to the problem. For a measly RM578 one time fee you can purchase a gap policy that protects you from a potential shortfall, up to $5,000, if you owe the bank more than the car is worth when that bus hits you. 

Of course you�re going to say �sure, go ahead� because you�re afraid of losing your shirt and, by the way, did I tell you the premium could be rolled right into the loan? 

On one hand, you�re relieved to know the value your asset is protected, but on the other hand you�re asking yourself why it had to cost so much. 

Well, it doesn�t. But who knew that there was even such a thing as gap insurance much less how much it�s supposed to cost. The problem is not with you, but with the major insurance companies and their brokers. 

The reason you don�t hear anything about gap from your insurance agent is that it isn�t exactly a big money maker. With an average gap endorsement costing around RM35 a year, there isn�t a lot of profit incentive to buy 30 second spots on American Idol. 

Besides the price, there�s another difference between the gap insurance sold by a car dealer and the policy rider sold by a name brand gap insurance provider. When you buy gap from a major insurer you can cancel the rider as soon as the loan balance and value of your car reach parity � usually within the first two years of ownership. 

With dealership gap insurance, the coverage is spread out over 60 months and cannot be canceled for a refund � whether you need it or not.

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Twitter Marketing Benefit That You Can

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Twitter is the newest craze in the Internet's marketing industry. Even though there are other marketing strategies that exist, this new marketing method is working wonders....If you want to give it a try, you only need a Twitter account and the determination to make it succeed. You'll soon see that you can spend less time and still get higher sales. So what is it about Twitter that makes it such a marketing miracle? With Twitter, you have the freedom to experiment with a variety of approaches to appeal to your target audience...

For example, if you have a hundred followers on your Twitter account, you build a relationship with them and create a personal understanding. When you promote a new idea or service on Twitter, you post a tweet that your followers will read. Your subscribers will read it and re-tweet your message to all of their subscribers, thus initiating a chain reaction of tweets without any effort on your part whatsoever. This is just one example of what Twitter can do - it's a free tool, all it really costs is your time and knowledge - so your return on investment is extremely high and incredibly fast. Here, we will take a look at a few of the ways that using Twitter can make a difference in your online marketing projects. Today much more than in the past cellular phone marketing is now the perfect and quickest method to create cash on the internet. With the help of Adam Horwitz you to can be up and
running quickly with small headache.

Read through the Review for the actual data. 

The first thing you should know is Twitter offers you a wide platform to use for your marketing needs. Of course, this platform will vary depending on the service or product you are offering. You should never try to get random followers first, always acquire targeted followers first, then move on to random. The best way to become a success using Twitter marketing is to think about things simply. You have an advantage using Twitter because the word about your business will spread quickly and you will soon begin to see your business building rapidly. It couldn't be more simple to create a list of followers that are already interested in what you have to offer. Because a user doesn't have to give out personal contact information in order to become your follower on Twitter, they will readily join your list. That list is a valuable commodity to you, and you need to build the value of your brand to get the maximum benefit from it. 

Another way to use Twitter is to send out promotional offers for your product, or give out coupon codes to attract customers. People love to save and feel like they are in the know. So finding a promotional code or a deal online causes them to spread the word to their friends, who then pass it along to their friends. The people you are most trying to target will appreciate the insider knowledge and the opportunity to get in on a good deal. It doesn't take a large corporation with a full-scale promotions department to achieve this kind of success - any size business can use this strategy to their advantage, if they know how. So if you want to effectively use Twitter and have it keep working for you in the future, your best bet is to find a way to build a highly targeted group of followers. You want targeted folks, not just random passers-by. This is how you will rise above the other businesses in the market. So don't wait - leverage Twitter now for its marketing value and enjoy the rest.

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Why Selling On EBay Is Good In A Reccession

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The recent recession in the United Kingdom, and across the world, has cost many people their jobs, or simply scuppered their chances for a pay rise or promotion. If you find yourself in the same situation and are looking for an income that is recession proof then you should consider selling on eBay.

Not only is it possible to actually make more money from this selling strategy in a recession, but you may also find that benefits such as low start up costs could make this a viable solution to your economic problems right away. 

Start Selling on eBay with No Costs....

You may want to start something new to make money in this recession but worry about how much it will cost to get going. The great news about selling on eBay is that there is absolutely no start up cost at all! All you need is an eBay account and a PayPal account. The two will take you the grand total of ten minutes to set up so you won't even be wasting a lot of time to get going. 

Clear Our Your Clutter for a Profit...

Perhaps the best way to get going on eBay is to start by selling some of the items that you have lying around your house. Look for things that you don't need or want anymore and list them online for great practice. Rather than spending the money that you make from these first forays into eBay selling, why not keep it to use to purchase additional stock for more profit. You may find as you are still learning the ropes of eBay that the best place to find this stock is charity shops or car boot sales. You will soon learn how to spot a bargain that you can sell on for a profit. 

Let Your eBay Business Fund Itself....

If you have been hit hard by the recession then you probably won't be able to afford to splash out on a large order of stock to sell on, at least not initially. Fortunately an eBay business can be completely self-funding as you can use the profits that you make from selling items around your house to buy goods from charity shops, and then the profits from those sales to get your hands on some stock from a wholesaler and so on and so forth. There aren't many other businesses that can provide you with this sort of financial freedom. 

Let Your Clientele Bag a Bargain 

Do you know the reason why websites such as eBay rise in popularity during a recession? It is because everyone has had to tighten their belts in order to survive in this difficult economy, making websites such as eBay especially tempting. More and more people are flocking to eBay's auctions in the hope of finding a great deal on the goods that they need or want. You can capitalise on this demand by offering your clients a fantastic price on the goods that they need, earning yourself a tidy profit in the process.

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When is Best Time to Create Great Content??

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There is a lot of information on creating content. You know the really good stuff that gets shared almost instantaneously, loaded with tons of good value and information that people relate to and put into good use. 

When is the best time to get this content together? Do you force getting the information or do you wait till those creative inspirational moment hit? 

I really don�t know. I guess the best answer would be what ever is working for you. For some it may be the first thing in the morning while drinking a cup of coffee when those great ideas pop in their heads. For others it could be after reading a good book or getting inspired by an awesome blog post....

The deal is that anytime is a good time to get some fantastic content out there. It all depends on what works. There are days you could have a complete blank, an empty canvas and no paint to paint pictures with. It happens. 

Here are some ideas that can help when you are face with that type of day. How do I come up with content you may ask yourself? Are you almost stressing yourself out to get going but you still pulling a blank? 

I am here to tell you don�t beat yourself up first of all because that will only hinder your progress. What I like to do when thinking of getting content together is to reflect on what I�ve learn. If it is something of value and I could put it in writing and convey a great message on how to implement it then I would work on that. You could also talk about what inspires you. I love to read inspirational content. It gets me focused. 

Another thing you could do is read. It�s like killing to birds with one stone with just reading. One you are educating yourself and secondly you are gathering information for your content that you�re thinking of putting out. Think about it we are in a business that we need to read, educate, and share content to improve ourselves, build our business and help others build theirs business as well. 

It�s the whole concept of networking. Regardless of the mlm your in you are going to have to filter content to your down line, prospects, and peers. Now during the process of gathering content and putting out content your own great ideas are developed, implemented and perhaps you could have a phenomenal organization created like mlsp. 

Here you have a group of guys that got together and put all their knowledge, content and skills together and developed one of the most outstanding marketing platforms ever thought of. 

So when is the best time to create content? I would definitely have to say right now! You just can�t sit around and wait for it and hope osmosis kicks in. You have to go out there and get it. The funny thing is that you already have it; you just have to figure out how to share it. 

I just want to ask, when do you find yourself creating awesome content? 

Is it in the morning after a cup of coffee or after a nice jog or some exercise? 

In the evening after everything is quiet and settled down? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you got some motivation out of it to start sharing your wonderful content. 

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Should You Hire a Link Wheel Service

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Getting your website into the top ten results of Google for competitive, high search volume terms that directly relate to your business can be quite challenging. These types of search terms are highly desirable because they are what your potential customers type in when they're ready to buy what you offer. Of course, your competitors are aware of this too, and that's why there is so much competition. Getting onto the second and third pages of Google can be relatively simple, but getting that extra push to be on the first page is not. However, link wheels can give you the boost you need. 

Creating link wheels is very time consuming, as it involves building Web 2.0 properties and placing useful articles on them. You then have to properly link the properties to one another in a special fashion so they're all increasing the value of the other properties. After doing this, they'll have a lot of link juice which can then be passed to your main website. This powerful technique is used by the big companies because it gives them the edge they need to remain ahead of their competitors on the first page. With that said, they are not the ideal strategy when you are first starting out. 

You shouldn't go through a link wheel service if your site is not ranked at least on the second page of Google for competitive terms. They are not very effective when your site doesn't have much authority or visibility, as the powerful boost a link wheel gives the site might look suspicious to Google. However, when you are ranking in Google's top 20, the boost from a link wheel is acceptable and even expected, so it will shoot you onto the first page without any risk of getting your site penalized. 

You will find that hiring a link wheel service to handle the creation of link wheels is the most cost effective way to go. The best ones have writers that will create the content for the Web 2.0 properties, and they'll even make a short YouTube video for you. They are experts at properly linking the Web 2.0 properties, and will be able to give your site a dramatic boost to put it on the first page of even very competitive term..

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What To Sell For Money On Ebay/Amazon

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Learning what to sell for money on eBay is something that people spend years studying. Although it would be possible to write a list of the top ten items to sell it would soon be out of date, making it difficult to know exactly what to list for a profit at any given moment. As you start out on your journey to eBay selling success you will soon learn an important lesson; what to sell for money on eBay differs from person to person. 

What are you interested in? 

You are a unique person; there's no denying it so start to embrace it! If you have no interest whatsoever in electrical items but have a passion for fishing then this should give you some indication as to the niche market that you should sell stock into. You will know the intimate details about the different types of fishing rods better than which gadget is most suitable to fulfil the requirements of a prospective client. This obvious knowledge will stand you in good stead as you start to create informative descriptions about the items that you are selling. 

What is selling in that specific field of interest? 

No matter how rare your interest may be you might be surprised at the amount of others that share it. However you will need to carefully consider what sort of items you will be able to sell successfully within your niche. Perhaps you are a person that has sampled every diet under the sun in an effort to shift some excess pounds. You could be well placed to sell information products about the different diets on offer. If you consider yourself something of a gamer but have always enjoyed older titles then you could establish an eBay store selling retro games. No matter what your area of interest there will certainly be some products to sell within it. Have a look around eBay and see what already exists within your market and how much money other people are making from these items. 

How to stay on top of the latest trends ..

Whatever market area you decide to settle in, you will need to stay on top of the latest trends in order to know what to sell for money on eBay. You may find that you need to change your stock periodically to keep up with the latest gadgetry, or perhaps depending on the season. The following tools will help to keep you up to date at all times: - eBay itself. Use eBay to see what other people are selling and whether their auctions have been successful or not. 

eBay Pulse. With eBay Pulse you can see the most searched for items in any category and sub-category. This can be very useful if you want to know what is currently popular on the auction website. 

External tools. Retail websites such as Amazon can give you a valuable insight as to what is selling successfully, as can other tools such as Google's Keyword Tool that lets you know what people are searching for in the search engine giant. 

Stay up to date with the latest trends in your niche market and you'll soon know what to sell for money on eBay at any given moment in time.....

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What Are Eye Contact

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The Eyes Have It
Learn the Power of Eye Contact 

What is eye contact? 

Several popular definitions are: 

1. Eye contact is one of the most important nonverbal channels you have for communicating and connecting with others. 

2. Defined as a meeting of the eyes between two people expresses meaningful nonverbal communication. 

3. Contact that occurs when two people look directly at each other or when two people or animals look into each others eye at the same time....

4. It is the condition or action of looking another human or animal in the eye. 

Linda Eve Diamond: 

�The cheapest, most effective way to connect with people is to look them in the eye.� 

What does eye contact do? 

Eye contact can trigger: 







Eye contact is two souls touching. Imagine, all the power your eyes hold. 

Of all the ways we communicate, eye contact maybe the most powerful. The first step in establishing communication is eye contact. 

Communication with pets and animals is with eye contact, and depending on the animal you maintain or avoid contact. 

Did you ever look at a horse and know that your souls had communicated? 

Have you ever looked at your dog and known that the two of you connected at a spiritual level? 

My best friend and I can communicate volumes with just a glance. 

So are the eyes a window to the soul? I�d say so. 

What is the power of eye contact? 

Ralph Waldo Emerson: 

�An eye can threaten like a loaded gun, or it can insult like hissing or kicking or in its altered mood, be a beam of kindness. It can make the heart dance for joy.� 

Words will probably never be found to communicate what actually transpires when you are communicating with another living creature through eye contact. Maybe it should it be �I� contact? 

Besides touch, eye contact is the most powerful way of delivering personal cues. 

Eye contact shows personal involvement and creates intimate bonds. Mutual gazing narrows physical gaps. It brings people closer. 

The eyes play an indispensable role in effective communication and the building relationships. 

The look of love; remember that look and the physical wham when wordlessly you knew you were attracted. 

What can you say with the eyes? 

Eye contact says to the other person: 

I am interested in you 

I respect you 

I trust you 

You have my attention 

I value you 

Then there is the avoidance of eye contact like the elevator stare. Fear of making eye contact with strangers and wild animals. Eye contact can be perceived as a challenge a precursor to aggression. 

We probe each others eyes for mood signs like: 

Trust can be developed almost immediately through eye contact. 

Flirting a coy glance can be the beginning of all sorts of things 

Bonding eye contact immediately brings two people closer 

Feedback on how others are receiving you. 

Winking says you and I know. 

Our eyes are wonderful gifts. They help us express our feelings of: 







And much more, without a word. 

Not maintaining eye contact in this country carries the connotation that the person is not trustworthy. 

In other countries maintaining eye contact may be considered rude and disrespectful. 

What does eye movement mean? 

Eye contact gives you valuable clues as to what a person is thinking. 

Kinesthetic people tend to look down 

Visual people tend to look up 

Auditory people tend to look sideways 

People who look left to gather thoughts tend to be religious, artistic. They are most likely remembering. 

People who look to the right tend to be scientific 

People who look up and right may be constructing or making up an answer. 

Eye contact can mean permission to speak or it can be a command; like when you say to someone �look at me when I�m talking to you.� 

We�re demanding their attention; also, that they join us at a deeper level. 

People who are autistic or have social anxiety problems experience trouble maintaining eye contact as do liars. 

When might you want to make eye contact? 

When you want to say hello without a word. 

To exchange a warm greeting 

In the store to brighten someone�s day 

At dinner 

In an interview 

At a party 

Playing a team sport 

When might you want to avoid eye contact? 

Walking down a dark alley 

Face to face with a bear or other predatory animal 

While driving 

Ralph Waldo Emerson: 

�On of the most wonderful things in nature is the glace of the eye; it transcends speech; it is the bodily symbol of identity.� 

You can learn to maintain good eye contact. Practice doing it. 

Make eye contact and smile at a stranger, can�t hurt. 

Maintaining eye contact helps keep you focused on what the other person is saying; rather than thinking ahead to what you want to say. 

In Western culture a shifty eyed person is judged badly; they are suspicious, up to no good. 

Mahatma Gandhi: 

�An eye for an eye and soon the whole world is blind.� 


Benjamin Franklin: 

�Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterwards.� 

In our society there is an increased need for interaction. Think of the joy you can spread by making eye contact and a smiling at the checker in the store, the wait person, or a passer by on the street. 

It sends positive vibes. It is a sign of a confident person 

Build self confidence . . . Practice eye contact !!!!

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Duality Vs. Polarity

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Before You Read , You are advise to find free time for your understanding this article.......

The one concept that above all others plagues human beings, and has done so for all of recorded history, is the concept of duality. It is a hidden enemy, created in wrong thought (relative consciousness), and fed by fear. It has divided the world of man and has been the instrument of more death and destruction than all the terms we commonly use to describe evil. And yet the people of the world, as a whole, continue trapped in the same belief pattern. What is this thing called �duality�? Virtually every Church and most of the religions of the world have propagated this idea in their doctrine. Why is it such a pervasive idea, and why has it attracted such a following? 

Many of the precepts of Hermes Trismegistus, an ancient Master in Egypt, can be found within virtually every world religion. It is possible that misunderstanding of this ancient teaching, interwoven with doctrine, may have led to the belief in dualism. Even initiates of Hermetic teachings today write in such a way that can cause confusion. The Hermetic principle of Polarity is presented as, �all manifested things have two sides, two aspects, two poles, a pair of opposites with manifold degrees between the two extremes.� This is a description of Polarity and not duality, but it is obvious how dualism can spring from an incomplete understanding. It is from the doctrine of Zoroastrianism that the universal struggle is described as the forces of evil against the forces of good is derived. 

A clear understanding of three Hermetic Precepts might give you some clues as to how the fallacy of duality has been derived. 1) Correspondence � �As above, so below; as below, so above.� To some people this meant two worlds, as opposed to many planes of the absolute unity of Universal Being. 2) Polarity � �Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled. The fact that all paradoxes may be reconciled clearly indicates that all paradoxes are a part of the whole. 3) Gender � �Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; Gender manifests on all planes.� So, we have multiple planes and the masculine and feminine principles are manifested in each and all are part of the whole. 

The definition of Polarity which says, �Everything is dual� is taken to mean the world is dualistic. A closer look at each of these precepts and it is clear that while these poles and opposites are present they are present within the whole. Man sees forces on the other side where we go when we die. He wants to believe there are other planes but the experience of life and death chill him. He has a hard time reconciling life and death as just phases of the whole. For those who accept duality, the world is full of calamities that are thrown at them by evil forces, and how well they handle them determines whether they go to heaven or hell. 

We hear people talk about how a city is racially polarized as if this in itself was proof of duality. In fact, the word �polarity� is proof of exactly the opposite of duality. Duality is a concept that states that there are two forces, good and evil, warring against each other. It is a lie the intellect has created, and we have accepted. There is only one power, and the other is created in our ignorance by the intellect and fed by our fear. When you say that a city is racially polarized, you are actually confirming the unity of humanity. There may be significant differences, culturally and economically, but polarity simply means the extreme points of one thing. If you have racial polarity all that is proved is that we are all human. The Universal Law is Absolute Unity. The perception is duality. 

Most theology is dualistic in nature. Only a few Christian churches emphasize that there really is no competing power with God. The Unity Movement has made its statement of belief in the �Absolute Unity of all� the linchpin of its positive affirmations. Their affirmation is �There is only one power and presence in the universe, God the good omnipotent, the everywhere present Principle of Absolute Good.� In virtually every other theology, the universe is a battleground between good and evil. On the one side we have the Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth, and on the other side we have Satan, a fallen angel who reaches for and has an equal power status on earth. In fact, he is depicted as having control of earth. The world turns, and the battle rages for the souls of men. Everything is defined in terms of good and evil. 

To say that there is only one power and presence in the universe is not just a statement of adoration and praise to God. It is a statement of principle. It is a statement of the Universal Law of Absolute Unity. When we say this, we are confirming that there is no other power but God. We are in essence renouncing duality and the idea of a second power that can compete and war against God. We are recognizing and affirming that evil and satanic forces are a creation of the intellect and a perversion of the reality of Absolute Unity. One cannot deny that negative and fearful thinking is the cause of negative and fearful consequences. Why? Because all thought creates. Thought will create constructively or destructively, but it always creates. Our world, our lives are our creations. What people refer to as evil might more accurately be seen as the destructive results of fearful, negative and wrong thought. It comes from man�s intellect and creates the perceived barriers to God. It instills in man the belief that there is a separation from God, which has never existed. It cannot and could not be because God is in man and everywhere present. Absolute means ABSOLUTE. If God is omnipresent, he is everywhere. So what could be considered evil? It can only be our perception of separation from God. It has no reality in truth. 

Even some of the more enlightened religious systems retain a lingering vestige of the thought that man has somehow been separated from God and must go through a process of purification or karmic learning in order to be reunited with God. The Catholic Church has its purgatory in which the last bits of sin and perdition are removed before man can return to God. Some metaphysical schools, while teaching the Universal Laws, have not been able to get past duality. At least one of these schools actually teaches that there is the Universal Law of Duality. We have those who talk about good karma and bad karma. They say that this bad karma has to be paid in order to go back to God. There is no such thing as good karma or bad karma. There is only karma or balance. One might call it bad karma because an experience is unpleasant. However, all experience is attracted because we need the learning experience. In our pain, we don�t recognize or appreciate the experience, but it is part of the Law of Balance and Equalization. 

How do we know that duality is a false perception, and what do we do about it? We can know through the process of identifying and verifying the Universal Laws in our lives. We can know the fallacy because we can understand the Universal Law of Absolute Unity. We understand that to look for solutions, or to place blame outside of ourselves, is a useless exercise. We know there is only one power in the Universe, and it is everywhere present. What we have perceived as a separation from God is only a creation of the intellect. Even with all the evidence of order in nature, we have been able to see only chaos and destruction in the storm. We forget that it is a product of natural order. In our concept of spiritual things we have perceived God as out there somewhere and heaven as up there! What we have perceived as an evil force is a product of fear created and fed by the imagination of the intellect. The intellect/ego, left to its own devices, seeks to establish itself as separate from the whole. It will go to extraordinary extremes to protect itself and establish its own power. 

The ego does not need the protection it seeks in separation. It doesn�t need the creation of a great world struggle between good and evil to give it meaning. It does not have to feel smarter, superior or to have been chosen as God�s elite to give it self-worth. It must recognize that it is its own worst enemy because it seeks to block itself from the all-powerful whole of which it is an indivisible part. As Emily Cady writes, �All joy and strength and good spring up from a fountain within one�s own being, and if we only knew this truth, we should know that, because God in us is the fountain out of which springs all our good, nothing that anyone does or says or fails to do or say, can take away our joy and good.� We must deny fear any of the power that springs from our imagination because the imagination will create constructively or destructively. It will create one way as easily as the other. We must deny the intellect the right to create the barrier. We must recognize polarity is found everywhere and in everything, but understand polarity to be parts of the whole. We must become fully aware that polarity and duality are not the same. The first is a fact of existence and the latter a mutant perversion that exists only as a perception of the intellect. 

The Kabbalists (Mystic Judaism) say that the spiritual and physical came from the same substance and affirm that the apparent duality is really only a mistaken view of the universe, that in reality there is absolute unity. �A barrier need not be physical, like a gate or fence�, to be effective, declares David Sheinkin, author of Path of the Kabbalah. Men and women die every day because of the barriers erected from their beliefs. The commonly held worldview I refer to as duality contributes most to the barriers. The concepts of good versus evil and God versus Satan could be overcome with awareness of only one power existing in the universe and the concept of separateness from God as a perversion. Even what we call the spiritual dimension and the material dimension cannot truly be understood as duality because they exist in the same place at the same time. They are a part of the whole. 

Duality is a perception of man, created by man and is derived from man�s own mistaken concept of his Being. The concept itself remains his greatest enemy because this ignorance of his real nature keeps him thinking that he has been separated from God. The good news from Jesus and other great masters was that God dwells in man. God is at hand within, and all power is available to each of us with the awareness of this presence. God has never left us, and we have never separated ourselves from God because it is not possible. What we have done through the intellect is put on blinders. We have always been with God and will always be with God. We experience in the body for purposes that only the IAM Consciousness knows. It is this consciousness that directs us, and not the relative conscious we know as our ego or intellect. Only human intellect/ego, with its free will, can even conceive the concept of separation from God. Man is the only entity that can come up with this idea! This separation from the Light of God is only in the imagination of the heart where the negative intellect, combined with emotion, strives in a darkness of its own making.

              When you are having trouble paying your bills, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You've thought about bankruptcy but you've overheard awful things about what it can do to your credit and your future. All you really want is a way to get out from beneath your debt and move on with your life. You possibly have creditors calling and sending frightening letters demanding payment. It can reach a point where you are scared to pick up the phone or check your mail. The truth is that filing bankruptcy is not a tragic ending but a new beginning and getting a fresh start without the weight of extreme debt holding you back. Bankruptcy is about starting over....

Individuals often become overwhelmed with unexpected interest credit card debt that is tough to manage. An unpredicted illness can also lead to large medical bills that are difficult to repay, or an unpredicted decrease in income can lead to large credit card debt that you are unable to pay. 

Many people end up filing for bankruptcy due to situations that were not in their control. People try to escape bankruptcy but they don�t realize that it can actually hurt them in many situations. If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy, you should look into all the options available to you and get the help you need to make a smart choice. Things change in life and sporadically we face hard times. All types of bankruptcy are intended to give you the new start you deserve and allow you to take control of your financial position by living your life debt free. 

The credit card business is making billions of dollars off high interest credit card debt. The credit card business also creates many complications for customers by repeatedly sending them additional credit cards with higher limits. 

There are several different choices available to clients seeking debt relief. Bankruptcy law can be very multipart. You should take the time to comprehend all your choices before you make a decision and find the path that would be best for you. Definitely do some research on all the pros and cons of bankruptcy. You should also discuss alternatives to bankruptcy if you decide that another course of action would better fit your wishes. 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

� Are you behind on car payments? 

� Are you behind on your house payments? 

� Is your house facing foreclosure? 

� Are you using one credit card to pay another credit card? 

� Are they threatening to repossess your car? 

� Are you being sued by a creditor? 

� Are you worried your paychecks are going to be garnished? 

� Are you worried that creditors will seize your bank account or your tax refund? 

� Do you want a fresh start? 

� Do you want to start a new life? 

Do I Qualify for Bankruptcy? Below are a few basic guidelines for bankruptcy: 

1) You first must take a financial counseling course that is approved by the court. 

2) Is your current monthly income more than the median income? 

� If the answer is yes then you will need to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

� If your answer is no then you will need to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

3) In both cases you must take an approved Credit Counseling Course to get a discharge from your bankruptcy. 

When the above complications are consistent occurrences, you'll want to acquire more information about what filing a Bankruptcy can do to help you. There are bankruptcy laws intended to help you; seeking expert advice from bankruptcy attorneys will help.

About The Author

Laura Kaiser is a technical writer for bankruptcy lawyers in Mesa Arizona. The bankruptcy attorneys of The Law Offices of Fife & Cesta are dedicated to providing effective, high quality chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy in Mesa, AZ. Although qualified to provide a variety of legal services, we focus primarily on Mesa bankruptcy. At Fife & Cesta, you will work with your individual attorney. You deserve to have a mesa bankruptcy lawyer you can talk to and ask questions; lawyers who will return your calls and help you make choices about your bankruptcy. Contact our bankruptcy attorney today to schedule your free consultation.

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Referral Prospecting Secret For Getting Leads That Buy

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There is certainly many wrong ways to ask for referrals. A few of them are taught as gospel. Here is a system that works 99% of the time. And it has been field tested in over 12,000 referral selling presentations....

For my part, I call on retail business owners, but this performs well with consumers as well. 

Don't ask for referred leads until after the buyer has had time to enjoy owning the product offer or service you sold them. You want to get referred leads from enthusiastic buyers. When you talk to the prospect, you want a large amount of the work to already have been done for you. You do not want this to be a cold call. 

I want to be in front of the customer when I ask for referrals, you will see why in a minute. 

The conversation starts with my asking if I can be of any service in any way. Then I ask if the customer has ben happy with my product. I wait until they gush over how happy they are. If this doesn't happen, I don't ask for referrals. Referrals from a person that is less than enthusiastic about you and your offer are practically worthless. 

After the customer tells me about how pleased he is. I ask if he has told any of his business buddies about it. 

That is why I wait to ask for referrals until after the buyer has had a chance to enjoy owning the services and product they acquired from me. I want them to have had a chance to boast to their friends. After the buyer tells me that he has told several buddies about it, I'll write down a few their names. Here are the questions I ask after that; 

"What did your friend say after you told him about your purchase?" 

"What kind of (similar product or service) are they using now?" 

"If you recommended me, would they at least talk to me?" 

"Is there a reason I shouldn't talk to them now?" 

"Who has referred someone to you before?" 

This last one is asked because the prospect now almost has to see me to return the "favor" of referring someone to my customer. 

I want to see someone who; 

1) Knows someone who is excited about owning my product (my customer referring them) 

2) Has said that they may be interested in the future in owning what I sell, or at least willing to talk to me. 

3) Is open to the idea of buying. 

4) Is used to giving referrals 

Now, here is the best part. I want to call the prospect from the customer's phone. There are two reasons for this; 

1) I'll get through immediately, especially if they have caller ID. 

2) The customer will be hearing everything that is said. So the prospect cannot tell a different story of what was said later. 

So I say when call "Hi, this is Claude Whitacre calling from Bob Durbin's office. May I talk to Joe Prospect please?". 

After Joe gets on the phone; "Hi Joe, this is Claude Whitacre. I'm in Bob Durbin's office with Bob. Say ""Hi" Bob. (Bob says "Hi"). Joe, Bob told me that he talked to you about the (product name). He told you that he was very excited about it. Now, I don't know if this is an exact fit for you, but I promised Bob, that I would make an appointment with you to at least show you a couple of ideas that may help you with (problem). While I'm here, can we make a firm appointment in the next few days? I promise not to take much time." 

Then I just keep asking for a time for an appointment. If you don't get an appointment while you are in Bob's office...calling on Bob's never will. 

Now, why does this work almost every time? Because Bob is in the room. If the prospect says "No" to me, he's kind of saying "No" to Bob too, isn't he? The resistance to the appointment is almost all killed by the presence of Bob. 

I must also say though, that you can only do this with a few names at one time. Bob is going to feel a little put off if you call more than two or three prospects this way at one time. 

But here are a couple of things to remember; 

1) Now Joe is far more likely to both buy and give you referred leads that also buy. 

2) It will be far easier the second time you use this appeal. 

It sounds like a hardball way to prospect, but if you only use it with excited buyers, they will welcome the occasion to let somebody in on they joy of proudly owning what you market.

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Outsider Worker Finding Money To Malaysia

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IS this KL?????

By Jonathan Edward and Hannah Jonas

KUALA LUMPUR — The long Chinese New Year weekend saw the capital turn into a ghost town, with major roads nearly devoid of traffic.

Many city folk left the city to visit relatives in hometowns for family reunions.

Roads such as Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, normally notorious for massive jams, were empty.
Those who had chosen to spend the holidays in the city were pleasantly surprised at the lack of traffic and were seen driving around at a leisurely pace.

While the city had seemingly been emptied of its local residents, there were certain areas that saw  extraordinary activity with throngs of tourists and foreign workers.

There was a carnival-like atmosphere with crowds of migrant workers filling Jalan Silang, Kota Raya and Central Market, areas well known as tourist haunts.

Despite the celebration being important to Malaysia’s Chinese community, several Chinese-owned stalls and kiosks at Petaling Street, popularly known as Chinatown were still operating.
Ng Kheng Hock, 35, was doing brisk business selling soy bean drinks as both tourists and foreign workers flocked to his stall for relief from the heat.

“We had our get-together last night and now it is back to work. I’m not charging more or profiteering. As you can see, I have no shortage of customers,” he said.

Jalan Silang, Jalan Yap Ah Loy and Kota Raya were filled with foreign workers who had been given leave.

S. Mohsin, 25, a factory worker from Bangladesh, said his employer had given him and other staff a generous ang pau and three days off.

Sri Lal and Ram Bokhari, who work as security guards, were also given leave for the New Year.

“It is very nice to be able to have some free time. I’m going to send the extra money home and just spend some time with friends,” he said.

KLCC was also filled with tourists who had come to watch a traditional Chinese drum performance but were disappointed with how tame the festivities seemed to be.

Gary Worzbyt, 68, from United States, who had come as part of a tour, said the festivities were grander in other states.
“Malacca was really decked out for the celebrations but it does not seem to be the same in the capital. I find this surprising and I wonder where all the Malaysians are,” he said.

A tourist who only wanted to be known as Stanislav, 29, had come to the country to visit friends and do some shopping. He was surprised there did not seem to be much happening in the city.

“Where are all the locals? I thought this was an important holiday. Besides the decorations, I do not see anything interesting going on,” he said.

Other areas such as Dataran Merdeka were deserted, with small groups of tourists walking around and taking pictures of historical buildings.


Several places such as Jalan Silang and Kota Raya were teeming with foreign workers. — Picture by Muzakkir Sazali

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WaysTo Manage Stress

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Although stress is often viewed as a negative, it is actually a natural and normal physical response. A stress response is simply the body�s ability to defend and protect itself. This �fight-or-flight� reaction can help a person stay energetic, alert, and focused. These behaviors can be beneficial. A winning touchdown, successful board room presentation, or an A on a test can all be partially due to a healthy stress response. However, too much stress can become harmful and can cause extreme damage to a person - physically, mentally, and relationally. 

Chronic stress is caused when the body is subjected to an overwhelming amount of physical and psychological threats. Since the body cannot differentiate between extreme or moderate stress triggers, it reacts with the same intensity, regardless of how major or minor the cause. This means that a bounced check or a long commute can be the catalyst for intense stress related symptoms (that may feel as intense as a real life-or-death crisis). Symptoms may include muscle tension, headache, fatigue, anxiety, changes in eating habits, mood swings, lack of enthusiasm, and/or an upset stomach. 

Each person has a different tolerance level when it comes to calculating stress. It is important for each individual to understand his or her stress level threshold. Factors that influence stress tolerance include: one�s ability to deal with emotions, one�s preparedness for stress-inducing circumstances, one�s sense of control, one�s attitude, one�s support network, one�s physical health and nutritional status, one�s fitness level, and one�s sleep habits. These variables are what enable one person to maintain a sense of calm while another person feels completely overwhelmed. 

Just as each person must evaluate the factors that cause stress, it is essential for individuals to consider the ways in which they react to stress, and whether or not their responses need to be altered. Some individuals react by freezing up and becoming extremely internally agitated. Some become very outwardly agitated and may become volatile. Others become withdrawn and show little to no emotion. Understanding personal stress triggers and individual reactions are key in moving forward and coping with stress. 

Although stress can affect any individual, those with fast-paced and challenging work environments (such as medical professionals) are more likely to experience the symptoms and signs of stress. Strategies for managing stress (whether it�s work related or personal) include: avoiding unnecessary stress, changing one�s situation or environment, adapting to and accepting one�s environment, upping one�s fitness level, and scheduling time for personal leisure and relaxation. Taking control of one�s life and prioritizing what�s truly important (and worth stressing over) are integral methods of managing stress..

Why should you be yourself?

The simple answer is 'because everyone else is taken' - it's both the simple answer and an accurate answer. The important question is 'why are we not ourselves?' What is the pay off for not being ourselves? Ahhh, now we're talking. 

To begin with, what would cause us to not want to be ourselves? For some of us, we may have been raised in environments where it was dangerous to be who we are. Even as adults we may be working in environments that demand that we be other than who we are in order to ensure job security. So we conclude, I have to be other than I am to get what I want i.e. love, safety, income etc........

We may have learned to believe 'who I am is not good enough to be loved, guaranteed safety, approved of'. We may have been told 'who you are is not worth treating well'. We may have learned 'who you are is not good enough to meet my standards for 'being good enough'. We may become convinced that we are less than we should be. 

When we feel not good enough what happens to our lives? We end up putting things on hold until we feel we 'deserve' by becoming good enough. We spend so much time striving to feel that we're good enough. Have I accomplished enough, am I good looking enough, is my car big/fast/exclusive enough, is my job title high enough, do I have enough awards to be good enough? Exhausting isn't it? 

Self worth and authenticity are intrinsically linked. The worth we have in our own eyes, a sense of worth not built on acquisition, job title, appearance, credentials - is the only worth, worth living out of. How many of us realise that we have an intrinsic worth greater than anything on the outside? If we go through life with a sense of being deficient then we are motivated to acquire value - the things that others value in the world then become our aim in life. I may not be good enough in and of myself but look what I've got, becomes our calling card. 

Sooner or later, things fall apart, if we're lucky. It can take many forms e.g we can lose everything we spent our whole lives accruing or we meet someone or a situation who places no value on our 'social bling'. We run helter skelter trying to get them to 'see' us as our bling or we go somewhere else. But there's a crack in the tea cup. When it finally breaks open, our break down becomes our breakthrough. 

We begin to look for another way. What we've been looking for is a way to feel good about who we are, under all circumstance. We don't always realise it at first since there's much howling in pain and hanging onto fast disappearing 'bling'. 

The breakthrough cracks us wide open and everything we've been taught is 'wrong' with us, all the things we've been taught make us 'not good enough' stare us in the face. Excruciating at first but if we stay, refuse to take flight, we can transform. Now begins the re-acquainting ourselves with the 'real' us, all of it. 

There are many transformation technologies from journaling, meditation, prayer, walking, body work, sound, vibrational healing. We tend to gravitate towards one that works for us. Soon the pain subsides, loses its edge. We don't feel so raw. Our lives may be in shambles around us but we can stand to be alive and increasingly we can stand to be ourselves. We live in a time of infinite help with wonderful teachers who can assist us in moving out of our debris; emotional, psychological and spiritual. 

Not being who we are, may be something we picked up at our beginning but was never a part of our being and we need not continue with it. 

November's LiveWell Audio features Sarah Ban Breathnach who guides the listener on a journey to reclaim our authentic selves and the beauty of the life we can create from our 'real' selves.

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Positive Thinking And Its Effect On Your Health

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The first situation to consider is the relationship between thoughts and conditions like depression and stress. A crucial question is whether the person's thoughts are creating the physical depression or the physical depression is creating the negative thinking.

When it comes to how you can use your mind to help, this can be accomplished consciously and subconsciously. When someone has a habit of imagining things turning out very badly, rational thinking can show show them that they often exaggerate. However, the unconscious mind is much more powerful in shaping our habitual behavior, oftentimes beyond our conscious control.

Visualization and hypnosis can be very effective in modifying beliefs and, if you do this, the long-lasting effects can be more powerful than using logic only. 

It is likewise true that positive thinking can have an impact on our physical health, and you may be aware of the placebo effect on people who feel ill. This is when individuals are given a pill which in reality does not have any healing value, and yet they claim to notice an improvement in how they feel.

This is evidence of the connection between mind and body, and there are many examples of men and women with a positive outlook being able to recover faster from malady and injury. You can also use the power of your mind to help you in achieving your fitness goals. A historic example of this is when the four minute barrier for running the mile was broken, which had been considered as unachievable up to that point. Once the "barrier" had been broken, other runners also began to break through what had really been a barrier of belief. 

The effects of aging are likewise influenced by how we think about the process. As you get older, do you talk to your friends about your "aches and pains" and your weakened capabilities? It seems there's a great deal of truth to the saying, "You're only as old as you think you are," and our thoughts can be used to undo a lot of the so-called effects of aging. Unfortunately, numerous individuals will continue to hold on to old beliefs about the unavoidable "decline" of health in old age, and not pay attention to the benefits of a positive outlook. 

Now that you are aware that your attitude can bring you a much better state of health, it's up to you to take advantage of this information and set your intention to think positive thoughts whenever you remember...

Do not think what people say, do what you think is wright..

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Keeping It Simple And Relax

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Over the past few months, the concepts of stripping back the superfluous, simplifying and pulling apart the true meaning of integrity have been strong personal themes. For many people, there�s a drive to again inspect old patterns that continue to run happily in the background despite years of self-examination. Perhaps under the direction of a new global energy, there�s a sense of being able to lovingly let go of those things that have served us all well on one level, yet have offered excuses to stay small on another. 

I came across Don Miguel Ruiz� �The Four Agreements� the other day and it strongly resonated with this desire to pare back; to simplify; to become more real as a participant in this world and begin operating in a more authentic way. 

With these 4 simple tenets, we could literally change the way we as humans operate in this world. How do they resonate with you? Please feel free to share your thoughts, we�d love to hear from you. 

1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love. 

2. Don�t Take Anything Personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won�t be the victim of needless suffering. 

3. Don�t Make Assumptions: Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life. 

4. Always Do Your Best: Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret...

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Truth About The Beachbody Coach Busines

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If you are reading this article, you must
have been informed of this opportunity and you are doing your due research. The truth of the situation is that you should analyze any business venture.

This opportunity was doubtless brought to your attention by a pal or you bought one of the team beachbody workout dvds. If you bought a fitness dvd, you were probably made contact with by a team beachbody coach, whose job was to help you reach your health targets with your workout. No matter how the break was introduced to you, your most important concern is to see if it's a legit opportunity. 

Team Beachbody is the proud maker of best selling home fitness exercise programs, like P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Hip-hop-abs, and a lot more. Likely, you saw the exercise routines on infomercials and were amazed by the alteration from ordinary people. This company's main focus is to finish the trend of obesity, by providing home workout solutions designed to suit any budget, and something that may be done in around an hour a day...

Team Beachbody Coach Business model is very simple and duplicable. Team Beachbody is up on the multi-level enterprize model, where they call their distributors coaches. Coaches are the first line and the heart of beachbody. Coaches are there to help buyers who have got their workouts online or thru the infomercials, reach their health goals. Also, while coaches are there to support and galvanize, coaches are also there to sell other workout dvds, additions, and club memberships. As a Beachbody Coach you are also needed to build your team of coaches to grow your cash making potential. 

How does one get paid as a Beachbody Coach???

As a coach, you get paid several ways. The primary way is resale - here is where you sell a product thru your company's website. The 2nd way is membership sale - you can sell a club membership and you'll get paid unearned income each time the customer renews their membership. The third way is team bonus - here is where the rubber hits the road. You get paid leftover based off your team production ; this comes from your down line sales. Team beachbody also gives out bonuses for fast start, top recruiters, and the most home direct orders. 

The income potential of a Beachbody Coach varies wildly, Coaches can make anywhere from $0.00 to over 1,000,000 dollars yearly. The secret to success is grit and being consistent. 

To conclude, Team Beachbody is a fantastic opportunity for those that are wanting to get in the best shape of their life physically and financially.