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When is Best Time to Create Great Content??

Posted by Aree Tone WoW |

There is a lot of information on creating content. You know the really good stuff that gets shared almost instantaneously, loaded with tons of good value and information that people relate to and put into good use. 

When is the best time to get this content together? Do you force getting the information or do you wait till those creative inspirational moment hit? 

I really don�t know. I guess the best answer would be what ever is working for you. For some it may be the first thing in the morning while drinking a cup of coffee when those great ideas pop in their heads. For others it could be after reading a good book or getting inspired by an awesome blog post....

The deal is that anytime is a good time to get some fantastic content out there. It all depends on what works. There are days you could have a complete blank, an empty canvas and no paint to paint pictures with. It happens. 

Here are some ideas that can help when you are face with that type of day. How do I come up with content you may ask yourself? Are you almost stressing yourself out to get going but you still pulling a blank? 

I am here to tell you don�t beat yourself up first of all because that will only hinder your progress. What I like to do when thinking of getting content together is to reflect on what I�ve learn. If it is something of value and I could put it in writing and convey a great message on how to implement it then I would work on that. You could also talk about what inspires you. I love to read inspirational content. It gets me focused. 

Another thing you could do is read. It�s like killing to birds with one stone with just reading. One you are educating yourself and secondly you are gathering information for your content that you�re thinking of putting out. Think about it we are in a business that we need to read, educate, and share content to improve ourselves, build our business and help others build theirs business as well. 

It�s the whole concept of networking. Regardless of the mlm your in you are going to have to filter content to your down line, prospects, and peers. Now during the process of gathering content and putting out content your own great ideas are developed, implemented and perhaps you could have a phenomenal organization created like mlsp. 

Here you have a group of guys that got together and put all their knowledge, content and skills together and developed one of the most outstanding marketing platforms ever thought of. 

So when is the best time to create content? I would definitely have to say right now! You just can�t sit around and wait for it and hope osmosis kicks in. You have to go out there and get it. The funny thing is that you already have it; you just have to figure out how to share it. 

I just want to ask, when do you find yourself creating awesome content? 

Is it in the morning after a cup of coffee or after a nice jog or some exercise? 

In the evening after everything is quiet and settled down? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you got some motivation out of it to start sharing your wonderful content. 


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