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Add Value To Your Business By Developinh A Rock-solid Value Proposition

Posted by Zulkarnai Harun Ar Rashid |

Small business owners need to nail their value proposition in order to add value to their businesses, according to long-time marketer and Sydney Small Business Centre founder Amanda Falconer.....

“A VP – better know as a value proposition – is the bedrock of your entire marketing strategy, which is why it’s essential to spend the time absolutely nailing it,” she says. 

One of the main reasons why many small businesses fail in the early stages is because they fail to distinguish themselves from their competition by not having a rock-solid value proposition. 

Writing a value proposition for a business comes from examining its capabilities and needs, and then determining the unique value the business provides to consumers and how it aligns with the needs of the target market. 

Having a solid value proposition in place sets the foundation for all the activities of a business, and is essential for sales, marketing and advertising. 

“The value proposition isn’t something you’ll ever use outside your business, but it is the basis of everything you will say,” says Falconer. 

To help small business owners determine what makes their business valuable, as well as their marketing strategy, the Sydney Small Business Centre runs public marketing intensive workshops. 

Former workshop participant and founder of Wealthwise Education Kate Sheehan says that developing a rock solid value proposition was completely transforming her business and helping her identify what value her business needs to give to their clients. 

Before the workshop Sheehan and her business partner David Novac felt under pressure from competition and unclear of what really made them different. The workshop helped them create a clearer focus and business model. 

“We got clear on our value proposition with Amanda in the workshop, which got us thinking of how we could make our courses match our value proposition and be more readily applicable,” she says. 

“We’ve really been focusing on making the lessons even easier to apply, and our graduates have responded really well to the changes.” 


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