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How To Make Money With Your About Me Page On Ebay

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For many people, eBay is one of the most lucrative earning opportunities in the World Wide Web. Garnering over 20 million visitors per week, is one of the most downloaded websites on the internet. It provides a highly accessible system that anyone – veteran merchants and novice online businessmen – can easily use to set up their own virtual stores and start earning money.

However, the saying “easy to learn, hard to master” immediately comes to mind.

Ebay’s system is, indeed, very simple to use. However, to make the most out of its setup and to optimize your profit, you must learn and master particular features offered by this online auction site.

Such is easier said than done, considering the comprehensiveness of eBay’s functions. Majority of eBay sellers don’t even know half of the features that the website offers – features that can increase their earnings by as much as 800%.

One of these features in the About Me page. It may sound like something that you can afford to dismiss, but once you learn how to make money with your About Me page on eBay, you’d be using this section as an integral part of your eBay marketing strategy.

So, do you want to learn how to make money with your About Me page on eBay?

First, we must discuss what this About Me page is all about.

Basically, your eBay About Me page is that section of your profile where you can share something about yourself to interested visitors. Additionally – and more importantly – you can provide a list of your auctions on this page as well. This links on this list get updated automatically. This means that any changes on the actual links of your auctions will be reflected on the links on your About Me page without you having to manually adjust them.

We’re just touching the tip of the iceberg here when it comes to learning how to make money with your About Me page on eBay.

Your About Me Page is important for your eBay success because of 2 reasons:

It will help you brand your eBay business. You can use your About Me page to introduce people to who you are and what your business is all about. You can even use your About Me page as a customer service center for your customers. List down your contact details. Delineate your shipping requirements and procedures. Provide a FAQs section. Inform your visitors about the new products you’re planning to sell. Your About Me page can serve as an excellent bridge between you and your prospective patrons.

It will help you market your eBay business. You see, eBay stores don’t market themselves. Marketing is not just a noun, it’s a verb. It’s an action that has to be commenced and completed. When people visit your About Me page, you should greet them with a list of ALL your current auctions. Are you running a web store outside of eBay? Provide a link to the same and use eBay’s high page rank (PR) to help increase your external web store’s own PR. You can even optimize your About Me page for the search engines and have it appear prominently for relevant search terms. The About Me section of your eBay profile is a powerful, powerful marketing tool hosted in a website that garners a lot of respect from search engine spiders, particularly Google’s. Utilizing it as a marketing weapon will go a long, long way in elevating your eBay business.

By learning how to make money with your About Me page on eBay, your About Me page doesn’t have to be just about you. It can be about fantastic profitability as well.


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