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Another valuable, and free, tool available for researching a profitable niche is Amazon.


At Amazon there is a tons of information for the researcher. You can use Amazon to check out how the books in your niche areas are performing. There is few tips to help you determine the viability of a niche for an e-Book, printed book, or even both.

Tips include:

- Read the reviews of the most selling books in your niche (Amazon Rank of 1 is the most selling and a rank of 5,000,000 hardly ever sells). The people who review the books often provide excellent information on how to make book better, which you may be able to incorporate into your book.

- Buying the books that receive positive reviews and sell well. This method will give you a good feel for the quality of your competition.

- You can use the 'Search Inside This Book'- tool when available to see how many pages and what is the quality of the information that is provided. If the niche book title is Make Money On EBay, it is quite interesting to see how much of the book is dedicated to making money on EBay. The book may include third of the book on 'how to start a business' with the same info that's explained in hundreds of books already. If all books only dedicate a small amount of the content on exactly how to make money on EBay, then maybe there is a market for a highly targeted guide on this topic. I was checking out for a niche topic for a report and decided to buy a book on the topic, but you know what? There wasn't any books that went into any detail on how to find a niche topic. There are e-Books with a page of good info here and there, but not one complete e-Book. So, I found my niche because I knew from looking at internet marketing discussion groups that there is lot of people who are looking for help on this exact topic. Demand with no supply = my report.

- Use the Amazon search feature to determine how much competition there is, what is the quality of the competition, and what is the demand for your product.

-- Competition:
--- How many books on same subject are being sold ?
--- How many books been written in the past year?
--- Does few years old quality books still selling well?
--- How many pages are the books? If all the best selling books on your topic consist of 200+ pages and you can only create an 80 page book, then maybe there is some another niche that suits better for you.

-- Quality of Competition:
--- Do the titles and subtitles include lots of appropriate keywords?
--- Are the writers considered experts in their fields?
--- Are there lots of books rated high, which will make it hard to break into, or is there a demand for a quality book on the your topic?



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