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International Payment

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Do you need to send money abroad? 

Whether you are making an international payment for a property, a holiday, paying a mortgage or bills abroad you need to find the cheapest way to transfer your money and achieve the best exchange rate..

International payments can be made by your bank or via a foreign currency broker.......

Banks V’s Foreign Currency Brokers 

You will save more money using a foreign currency broker to make an international payment abroad. Banks can charge up to £30 per international payment and offer uncompetitive blanket exchange rates. Foreign currency brokers due to their huge buying power are able to offer you far better exchange rates. Most brokers will offer you free international payment transactions on larger amounts and will also waiver any transaction fees if you make regular international payments. 

Use the Compare currency comparison table to find out what transaction fees the leading UK banks and foreign currency providers charge for international payments. 

If you are making an international payment for the first time and are looking for advice and help monitoring the foreign exchange markets in order to achieve the best exchange rate, you will need an expert to help you. Unfortunately international payments made via the bank are carried out in call centres, where the staff has little/no knowledge of the exchange rate markets and the reasons behind the fluctuating exchange rates. Currency brokerages on the other hand employ market experts who are on hand to help guide you through your entire international payment. They can explain what is happening in the market, monitor the exchange rate for you and help you to achieve the best possible exchange rate. 

How to choose the best Foreign Currency Broker? 

We have listed the leading foreign currency broker’s specialist areas, transfer fees and minimum transaction sizes so that you can easily find the best one for your currency requirements. Once you have read through the table we would recommend contacting two different currency providers for a free no obligation quote so that you can find how if offering the most competitive exchange rate. 

Making an international payment via a foreign currency broker is quick, simple and far easier than you may first imagine. Use the Compare currency international payment table now to save money and get the best exchange rate!


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