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Why Are The Most Successful Electric Cars On Mars...

Posted by Zulkarnai Harun Ar Rashid |

The Most Successful Electric Cars On Mars?

 Think about the Mars Rovers Opportunity and Spirit, the solar-powered vehicles that were designed to carry on for ninety days of Martian exploration but have now gone ten times that long – and are still going and going. Witness the great shots Opportunity just sent back from the edge of the Victoria crater. 

In fact, when you think about them, you realize these golf-cart-size wonders seem to be cleverer than any electric car roving the surface of the earth. Somehow they just keep powering along, even in an environment that seems quite a bit more hostile even than driving in New York City. 

So here’s to the twin Rovers. May they continue their revealing trek across the red planet. 

And may someone in Kuala Lumpur ask, Why are the most successful electric cars on Mars? 


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